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About client:

Ukrainians X.Y.Z is a project about three generations of the independent Ukraine. When we were creating the project, we collected the similarities of these generations. In general, there were 3 sections in this project: a book-album, a digital museum and a documentary film.


In 2021 a manager of the Digital Museum asked Intertech to create a site for the museum. The idea of the project was new and a number of peculiarities in the process of realizing it brought about curiosity and excitement to develop this project. Both the ideas of animation designers and working with a huge number of visuals, which normally slow down the work of any site, turned out to be an interesting challenge for the members of our team!

Realization process:

Prior to the start of development all the tasks were thoroughly described in the Technical Task paper. While coordinating the technical task, we came to the conclusion that we have chosen the right path and our client is moving in the same direction.


You can learn more about the results of our team work Intertech - Other Land at

The project includes:

1. Main page where all the sections of the site are presented

2. Digital Museum consists of 10 virtual halls, such as:

Street fashion



Commercial and services sphere


Sex and gender

Housing And People 

Cities and People

Traditions and habits

Civic consciousness


3. Every virtual hall told a story of each of the generations, main trends, as well as demonstrated the visual representation of the course. This section has a lot of photos. This was the second main task – to enable quick and convenient uploading of photos, and allow quick download of pages considering the big number of photos and a possibility to upload an unlimited number of photos.

Digital Museum Section

Cities and People, Virtual hall

A page from a series.


4.Open hall – this is a section where every user may upload a picture and send it to an administration for moderation. To do this one has to fill out the form with necessary information, that is:

Upload a photo

Add the author’s name

Place, where it was taken


Choose a generation to which this photo fits best


Choose a relevant theme out of the offered themes

Write your email.


5. Round table – this is a set of 10 podcasts, where different discussions are conducted with invited experts. This series was prepared by the author and curator of the project Marta Molfar.

Together with the visual content of the museum, the podcasts will help visitors to feel Zeitgeist of the first three decades of Independence.


6. The “About the project” section is filled with a lot of information about the intention that drove the authors. Also, there one can see the team involved in the project, partners and gratitude to the authors of photos.


7. CMS October was used as an administrative panel. Thanks to this solution we managed to provide a convenient structure for managers, responsible for dealing with the content part of the project.


Working on this project allowed us to dive into 30 years of our country’s history in a different way.❤️🇺🇦 

Perceiving the country through personal photo archives will help every visitor to travel into any period of Ukraine’s life that one may be interested in and see how habits and trends were changing in one or another generation. INTERTECH is proud to be the technical partner in the realization stage of the web-project that contributes significantly to the social life of Ukraine👍!

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