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About client:

Depositphotos is an international photobank which acts as a mediator between authors of pictures and their clients. One platform hosts a variety of visual materials: stock photos, graphic, vector and video.

In the beginning of every year the company produces a site to present top trends for next year.


Twelve top creative agencies from around the world worked on development of the trends. They shared their vision and understanding of the course in which visual communication is going to change. The main goal for engineering the site was to pass the creative ideas to users and show how ingenious the project is.


In 2021 Intertech took part in realizing a very important for the photo industry project – a site for trends of 2021 “Visual Trends 2021”


Working on the site was filled with creative enthusiasm, unusual ideas and extraordinary pictures from Depositphotos.


Our specialists implemented a large number of animations that complements the general idea and makes the project “alive”. Expertise of our front-end developers allowed us to implement all the solutions the team of designers had and realize all the wishes of our client.


The following was implemented:


1. Main page contains a slider with original animation and presentation of all the trends of 2021.


The main page has two variants of presentation. This allows the users of the site to choose one variant they prefer more based on their visual preferences. Each is individual and fully represents the creativity of the project.

2. A page of one of the trends:

  • Every trend has its palette of colors

  • Tags – by choosing a tag one gets transferred to a page of Depositphotos where there are all pictures fitting that tag

  • Slider with pictures – an unconventional, functional slider that lets a user experience every trend to the fullest and allows viewing the pictures in detail

  • Information that fully describes the chosen trend.


3. Page “Insights of creative agencies” – it’s an opportunity to learn ideas from creative agencies and experts from different countries, such as Netherlands, Italy, the USA and others, about ways to communicate with audiences and stand out with the help of thematic projects in 2021.

4. The site adapts to devices of different sizes.

5. Synchronization with Localise was performed to enable importing all information to the site, as Depositphotos uses this particular service to upload content. Thanks to the import, the client’s team didn’t have to spend a lot of time uploading content to the project.

6. Linguistic component. It’s possible to choose one of 10 languages on the site, which allows it to be informative for many countries in the world.


Intertech created a site full of colors that represents the most popular 9 trends of 2021.

It’s a pleasure to begin the year with projects that inspire not only our team, but all visitors of the site😎! We are honored to participate in the projects and treat the job with full responsibility, especially when it comes to those that are guiding an industry, as well as having a social impact.👌  

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