Karl Storz UA

  • October CMS
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
About client:

KARL STORZ Ukraine – is the official representative of KARL STORZ Endoskope in Ukraine, the company that produces endoscopic equipment in Germany.

 Since 2006 KARL STORZ Ukraine has been developing sales of the endoscopic equipment in Ukraine. They are also servicing clients and maintaining the equipment. The main task of the company is to provide technical support to doctors and patients, so they are able to benefit from all the advantages of the innovative and high quality instruments and equipment.


Maintenance of the endoscopic equipment is carried out by the company’s service center which is in constant contact with the clients. After a year of work the company faced a problem of some requests getting lost or a client staying without a response to his request. These nuances kept coming regularly in 2019, so the company’s representatives came to Intertech.

 We were given a task to simplify communication between the clients and service center employees, and to enable the employees to make servicing the clients more efficient.

 We were set to implement the most convenient, intuitive and quick service. The main goal is to simplify the job for service center engineers and medical staff who need to send the equipment for repairing.



Prior to the start of work there was a discovery phase:

  • We dove deep into the business processes of the company;
  • We met the management and studied their expectations regarding the future product;
  • We personally communicated with the specialists of the service center to learn the processes from the inside;
  • We discovered the “pain points” and listened to all the requests;
  • The competition and the market in general were studied as well.

As a result of our business analytics’ work, by the time the discovery phase was over we had a clear vision and understanding of the work processes in our client’s company. We understood well the stages of work and the way communication happens between the client and service center specialists.

The design of the mobile program was developed by the Goodface agency.

Thanks to the existing info we developed and implemented a solution that works with the help of connection between the mobile app and a web administrative panel.


The site is implemented on a modern technology stack:

  • IOS - SWIFT;
  • Android - Kotlin;
  • Admin panel for the employees - October CMS.

With the help of the admin panel, it’s possible to:

  • Manage content in the app;
  • The specialists of the service center can:
  • Manage the incoming requests;
  • Change their status;
  • Correspond with the users of the program;
  • Having finished the repair, send data into the company’s internal CRM system.

For KARL STORZ clients we developed a convenient program that allows the following:

  • Create requests for repair;
  • Control the process of acting on the request;
  • Divide the requests into active ones and archive;
  • Communicate with engineers at KARL STORZ;
  • Use help online with the help of the app;
  • Call the support service;
  • Order the equipment;
  • Learn about the events organized by KARL STORZ Ukraine for medical specialists.

The client received the program and the web admin panel, which fully cover and solve the issues of communication between the service center specialists and clients.

With the help of the admin panel of the developed service we managed to:

  • Minimize the time the service center specialists have to spend to process the incoming requests;
  • Eliminated a possibility to “lose” the request during the peak workload periods for the personnel;
  • Simplified and automated the process of passing the data from the incoming requests to the CRM system of our client;
  • As for the clients of the company, the mobile app has simplified the process of filing a request for repair and enabled them to track its status and receive messages about the completion of repair;
  • Positive feedback of the service center engineers and the director of the company is the main reward for the work.
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