Fresh Black

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  • Ajax
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Intertech finished improving the functionality of the site for FRESH BLACK, the Ukrainian producer of experimental coffee: a unique feature of subscription to coffee, a coffee test, a registration and login into the site, a personal cabinet, a loyalty program. 


FRESH BLACK – is a unique seller of coffee beans and ground coffee ready for consuming. They are offering coffee from different spots of the world, where it is grown, and that makes them unique.

The client believes that drinking good coffee is similar to traveling. We totally agree that thanks to a high-quality coffee one can easily get the feeling of being in Columbia or Indonesia.

Having learnt more about the company and their site, we understood the main task and what should be added to the site:

  • Registration and logging in to the site
  • Personal cabinet 
  • Introduce a QUIZ form that allows choosing the best suitable coffee for a client, in accordance with its advantages 
  • Evaluation option for the coffee on subscription in the personal cabinet
  • Loyalty program.

People in our office appreciate a great cup of coffee, so working on the “coffee site” was especially interesting for everyone – tasks were exciting and non-trivial. This experience let us learn a lot about our favorite energizing beverage and perfect the FRESH BLACK’s site.


Prior to starting the work, we discussed and wrote explicitly all the details of the work stages in the technical task, our team received the design and overall had a clear vision of the functionality and the visual part of the end result. 

We value our time and do everything to structure our work. Before starting each of our projects we do the following:

The whole team meets

We introduce the project with all the data available

We discuss the technical solution and all the details that will allow the team to start working as soon as possible

We write out specific tasks that will enable minimizing the time for explaining a task.

While working on the project we have:

  • Regular meetings that allow us to discuss the work on the project
  • Thorough testing of all implemented tasks.

After implementation:

  • We hand in the functionalities at a test link, which allows the client to check everything before uploading
  • We write instructions that will help the client clarify some point in the functionality
  • Presenting the completed functionality. 

As a result, a multi-functional site, quick in operation, was implemented. 

Logging in and registration

It’s possible to log in via Google or Facebook

It’s possible to automatically create an account during the first purchase

User’s personal cabinet

Evaluation of coffee in the personal cabinet. The evaluating option is presented as a game with questions and variants of answers

Subscription to a coffee in the personal cabinet. The user can subscribe to the regular delivery of the coffee he’s chosen. This allows users save time on monthly, weekly ordering of coffee, and receive it automatically at a chosen period

Coffee test asks questions and helps a user to choose the perfect coffee based on his taste. To implement the test the QUIZ form was introduced

Loyalty program with conditions beneficial for customers.

The loyalty program allows to have:

  • Free delivery
  • Calculate a discount due to a purchase of a certain quantity of coffee
  • Discount due to having the subscription

The site is a real treasure for coffee fiends. Not only can one read a lot of useful information about the favorite beverage there, but also be surprised by the perfect match of coffee for his taste.


Working with guys was comfortable, as it was a real partnership. They are always polite, punctual and stick to deadlines and conditions. It’s great to know that you can always count on support and advice. – Olena Maslova, Fresh Black

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