Intertech services

Our philosophy - make a trusted engine ⚙️! A good car can’t get broken in the middle of nowhere, leaving you without a chance to survive, so we are genuinely concerned with creating a project that is trustworthy and technologically powerful. Look at how we do this 💪!

Tech stack
React.js React.js
Angular.js Angular.js
Git Git
Npm Npm
WebPack WebPack
Vue.js Vue.js
JavaScript JavaScript
Yii | Yii2 Yii | Yii2
Node.js Node.js
Java Java
GitLab GitLab
Sphinx Sphinx
MySql MySql
Doctrine Doctrine
Symfony Symfony
Laravel Laravel
Kotlin Kotlin
Swift Swift
Bash Bash
Docker Docker
Linux Linux
Swagger Swagger
Rest Api Rest Api
Our expertise
icon E-commerce
Development of online stores and marketplaces from the idea to its implementation based on our unique developments and research.
icon Web Services
In the modern world, most of the processes have been automated and are now performed digitally. Using online services, we can study without leaving home, book accommodation and tickets for travel, or order delivery in a couple of clicks. Whether it is online courses, delivery service or telemedicine - we will develop an online service to realize your business goals!
icon Business Solutions
We develop scalable and automated solutions for your business. Business process automation is a powerful tool that saves time and resources.
icon MVP for a Startup
Listening to the customer, acknowledging the time and requirements, considering the budget, we make the first version of a startup suitable to test the business idea and to be presented to investors.
Business models
icon Time & Materials
The most popular business model for small and mid-sized projects. All development tasks are divided into 2-week long sprints with regular sessions to set tasks and review them at the end of each sprint.
icon Dedicated Team
We position the team in our office and provide it with all appropriate working conditions, except for the management, which is carried out by the client directly. Consider it your remote office premises.
icon Project Maintenance
Full maintenance of the existing projects, including consultancy on project transfer, project analysis and further development planning.
icon Project Based
Objective evaluation of the project, considering conditions, risks, specifications and needs. We highly recommend this approach for corporate projects with budgets planned.
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